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What to do after your child is bitten by a dog

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Dog Bites

As a parent, you want to protect your children from harm at all costs. This means minimizing the chance of physical harm and emotional trauma.

While dogs are beloved pets for many of us, and most dogs are friendly, sometimes they may bite if they become scared or are not trained properly, and your child may suddenly become the victim of a dog bite.

Dog bites are taken seriously in Texas. The dog owner may face legal consequences or be required put the dog down. You may feel both scared for your child and confused or overwhelmed over what to do next.

Keep everyone safe and treat the injury

First, make sure everyone present stays still and remains quiet if the dog is still around. Next, focus on your child’s injuries. Obtain immediate medical attention, even if the bite does not initially look serious. A bite that breaks the skin can become infected, so a doctor should perform a thorough examination of your child and administer any necessary treatment.

Make reports and document everything

File a police report on the incident and report it to the local health department. It is crucial to learn what, if any, vaccinations the dog had, and not rely on the word of the dog’s owner. Consider reporting the incident to any other appropriate agencies. An investigation may be done, and future action taken, depending on the results.

Keep all documentation related to treatment of the injury. This is crucial if you plan to file a legal claim.

Learn about potential options

Aside from the cost of any medical treatment for physical injuries, your child may have lasting mental and emotional scars after a dog bite. They may be afraid of going near a dog, experience nightmares and never want to own a dog as a pet.

If the dog’s owner was a friend or family member, it may be especially difficult to acknowledge that their negligence may have caused your child’s dog bite. A personal injury attorney with experience in dog bite law can advise you on your options going forward.