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Any breed of dog can bite and seriously injure someone

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Dog Bites

According to Insurance Business, an insurance industry publication, some breeds of dogs require additional pet insurance coverage.

Pet insurance can include liability coverage in case a person’s dog bites someone. People often need this type of coverage because their standard homeowner’s policy has deemed a particular breed of dog too risky to cover.

However, the article also pointed out that veterinarians emphasize that any dog, no matter its breed or other characteristics, can bite a human under the right circumstances.

Typically, dogs bite when provoked. It can be hard for anyone, especially children, to realize that their behavior is frightening or threatening a dog.

Dogs may also bite because they are trying to protect something, like food or puppies. They may bite because they do not feel well or have an injury.

Sometimes, dog bite injuries happen because the dog’s play got out of hand even though the dog intended no harm.

Dog owners have a responsibility to train and control their dogs

 No matter what type of dog they own, Texas pet owners bear ultimate responsibility for what their animal does.

In Texas, once a dog has bitten a person or acted aggressively once, if the pet owner knows about it, they are liable to pay compensation if the dog bites again. Pet owners are potentially responsible for their dogs no matter where the attack takes place.

On this note, especially when the victim is a child, dog bite injuries are often serious and costly.

They may require medical treatment and, for adults, lost time at work. They also can lead to scarring and other disfigurement.

One should also not underestimate the emotional damage a dog bite victim suffers after an attack.

Victims of dog bites and their families in the Dallas area may have the option to pursue compensation for their losses.