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North Texas police begin “Saturation Saturday”

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | DUI/DWI

The organization known as “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” (MADD) is sponsoring an increased effort by North Texas police departments to detect and arrest persons suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. The effort arises from the personal experience of women who have lost their spouse or a child to a drunk driver.

The annual campaign

MADD has sponsored an annual effort to increase the number of police patrols looking for possibly intoxicated drivers. Twenty-three police departments in the North Texas area, including Irving, Fort Worth, Colleyville and McKinney, have cooperated with this effort and are planning to do so again. One of Irving’s police officers noted that if a person is driving down a highway tonight, that person is ”probably going to see an Irving police officer on that highway.” According to the same officer, the purpose of “Saturation Saturday” is to cause people to think before they have a few drinks and then climb behind the wheel.

A personal experience

One of the members of MADD lost her daughter in a 2014 accident when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. The woman complained that she can no longer see her daughter. She decided to use her voice to say “Stop.” She expressed the wish that campaigns like “Saturation Saturday” will save other mothers from suffering the same heartbreak.

Police statistics paint a grim picture

In the year to date, Irving police say that they have made 585 DWI arrests and 38 major crashes caused by drunk driving. These accidents led to 11 deaths.

Legal advice may be invaluable

The consequences of being arrested and convicted of drunk driving are serious; as one officer observed, a person is “going to have to live with that for the rest of [their] lives.” Anyone who is charged with a DWI offense may find it invaluable to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the evidence and criminal charges, help with formulating arguments to defend against the charges, and where appropriate, help with negotiating a plea agreement.