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Delivery workers are still vulnerable to injuries from dog bites

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Dog Bites

It has long been viewed as the foundation for comedy that dogs bite postal workers and other delivery people as these workers go about their duties. However, it is a very real problem in Texas and across the nation. People are injured and even have their lives placed in jeopardy because of it.

Recently, there has been an analysis of statistics regarding dog bites. This comes as prominent stories of animal attacks have been reported. For workers who are attacked and suffer the potential life-changing damage, lose income and deal with the inherent fear of it happening again, it is imperative to know that they have the right to be compensated for what was lost.

Dog attacks have led to delivery workers suffering injury and death

According to the United States Postal Service, Texas was ranked second in the number of dog attacks on postal workers in 2021. The Lone Star State had 368 such attacks. Four of its cities came in the top 25. It was second only to California in the rankings. The Golden State had 656 workers who suffered dog bites. This is an ongoing national trend. The USPS says that more than 5,400 of its workers faced some level of dog attack last year.

One attack in Florida led to the death of the postal worker bringing greater attention to this issue. Five dogs attacked the woman, 61. The owners removed the dogs from the woman during the attack. She was hospitalized and died later than night. The animals had been fenced in, but escaped. Florida was in the top 10 in dog attacks in 2021 with 201.

The USPS dedicates one month a year to dog bite awareness. The objective is to emphasize how owners and postal workers can address safety concerns. Still, the problem continues. USPS workers are told not to startle the animal, to watch it, not to have preconceived notions about a dog’s friendliness, make sure the dog knows the worker is there, and do not try to pet the animal. Although they are specifically trained with dealing with dogs as they are on their route, it does not always prevent attacks.

After dog attacks, victims should know what options are available

Pets are a part of daily life. Despite that, if a worker simply trying to do their job is attacked, they can face major medical expenses, disfigurement, missed time at work, psychological damage and more. As stated above, it has even led to fatalities. Even seemingly friendly and well-trained dogs can attack suddenly and without warning. Anyone can be bitten at any time. Children are especially vulnerable.

Holding an owner accountable for their pet’s behavior does not mean having the animal put down. It simply means that the dog’s owner needs to be responsible for any mistakes they may have made that led to the dog biting the delivery driver. After dog bites, it is important to have assistance that is specifically tailored to these unique cases. Consulting with professionals who understand dog bites and their consequences is a first step toward being compensated for all that was lost personally, physically, financially and professionally.