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Texas law enforcement looking for potential DWIs during holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI

Drinking and driving is a problem all year in the Lone Star State and law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for it.

Drivers should know that during the holidays, extra patrols will be out. Given the potential penalties and long-term ramifications of a DWI conviction, those who are dealing with an arrest should consider their options for formulating an effective defense.

Law enforcement and safety advocates emphasize safety during the holidays

A Dallas County DWI Taskforce is using a multi-pronged blueprint to try to reduce DWIs. There will be more law enforcement on the roads looking for DWIs over the holidays.

Part of the crackdown centers on education, but some parts of the effort are devoted to enforcement.

The district attorney’s office now has a specific unit dedicated to vehicular crimes to aid in prosecuting alleged DWIs. Also, the local police department has expanded its DWI patrols with seven officers stationed in this specific role permanently.

People charged with DWI must think about the future and formulate a defense

Statistically, there is justification for the crackdown. In 2021, almost 25% of fatal accidents over the holidays were linked to a drunk driver. In Dallas County, 97 out of 352 overall traffic fatalities were connected to drunk driving.

It is completely understandable that law enforcement and safety advocates will want more patrols during the holidays. The numbers are clear that it is a time when drivers who might drink and drive.

Still, just because a driver is stopped and arrested does not automatically imply guilt.

The traffic stop itself might have been conducted in violation of the driver’s rights. The chemical breath test device might have been improperly calibrated. The blood testing may have been faulty.

Those who are facing DWI charges have many options for defense, and they will need the best defense they can in order to fight the charges and avoid the financial, legal and personal costs that accompany a DWI conviction.