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Three ways to block the prosecution’s evidence in your drug case

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes

Drug-related charges can wreak havoc on your future, threatening you with everything from jail and prison time to massive fines and a lingering criminal record that can haunt many aspects of your life. With so much on the line, you need to be prepared to defend yourself as aggressively as possible.

Can you block the prosecution’s evidence in your case?

If it’s possible, the best way to beat the prosecution and avoid these harsh penalties is by suppressing the evidence the state intends to present against you. You may be able to do this in a number of ways, including each of the following:

  1. Showing that a traffic stop was illegally initiated. This illegality taints any subsequently gathered evidence, which puts you in a strong position to have it blocked from being presented against you in court.
  2. Demonstrating errors in the collection and storage of evidence. The prosecution has to prove that physical evidence is what it purports it to be. If you can draw its reliability into question, then you’ll be better able to suppress it.
  3. Proving that the prosecution’s witnesses were uncooperative. To learn how the prosecution’s witnesses are going to testify, you should depose them. But if they don’t show up to those depositions despite being subpoenaed for them, then you have a good chance of preventing those witnesses from testifying against you.

Are you ready to look for the prosecution’s weaknesses?

Even when the evidence seems almost certain to prove your guilt, you may have criminal defense options available to you. That’s why you shouldn’t count yourself out too early. Instead, you should think about discussing the facts of your case with a criminal defense attorney who can help you assess your options and figure out the best path forward in your case.