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Texas is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrian safety is an ongoing concern in Texas and across the United States. To try and find ways to make the roads safer, researchers analyze the number of accidents that happen, try to determine why and forge strategies to reduce their number.

Some states are worse than others for pedestrians and the most recent statistics show the Lone Star State is one of the three riskiest states for pedestrians. Despite that, it is a growing problem everywhere and people need to think about it before they head out.

Government statistics indicate pedestrians are in major jeopardy on U.S. roads

The Governors Highway Safety Association issued its report on road deaths for the first six months of 2022. It found that there was a 5% spike from the year before and a total of almost 3,500 pedestrians were killed. Over three years, pedestrian deaths have risen by 18%. This comes as pedestrian deaths are the worst they have been in four decades. On average, at least one pedestrian is killed every hour and 15 minutes.

In a separate report called the Spotlight on Highway Safety, in 2022 just under half the states in the union saw a rise in pedestrian fatalities. Of those states, Texas was one of three that had the bulk of pedestrian deaths. It was joined in the dubious distinction by California and Florida.

Those three states had 38% of the total number of pedestrian deaths through June while only accounting for 28% of the U.S. population. Researchers say the friendlier climates in these states plays a role as people are prone to walking over using their automobiles.

Still, there are common denominators with pedestrian risk. Primarily, drivers are behaving in a worse manner since the national health crisis. Also, people are driving larger vehicles that will cause greater damage when there is an impact. Strategies to enhance pedestrian safety like Vision Zero are being put in effect across the U.S., but it is taking time to lower the number of accidents.

After a motor vehicle accident, having extensive advice is crucial

A pedestrian has no protection when they are hit by an automobile. With that, there may be severe injuries and fatalities. Those who were hurt will need to confront an uncertain future physically, emotionally, personally and financially. These problems are worse for those who lost a loved one.

A key after a pedestrian accident is to know what can be done to recover compensation. Discussing the case with experienced people who know how to pursue a claim can provide answers to move forward.