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Assault &Battery

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Across Texas, individuals are constantly arrested for the suspicion of a criminal offense. This can be a frighting and frustrating situation that puts those individuals futures in danger. At our office, The Law Offices of Scott Mackenzie, we understand this frustration can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our criminal defense attorneys have experience providing a compassionate counsel in any case under the criminal law section. Our goals is privide our clients with ease while facing their charges. We want them to know that our law firm has the ability and knowledge to fight for their rights under any circumstances. 

Providing Quality Legal Counsel Every Step of the Way

At The Law Offices of Scott Mackenzie, our attorneys have a history of experience with assault and battery defense cases. Our legal attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way when you are face with an accusations. We are here to fight for you and your rights. 

Defending against Assault & Battery Charges

You must prove the following in order to file your case as self defense:

  • There was a threat of harm

  • You had a genuine fear of harm

  • You did not provoke or harm anyone first

  • There was no way to avoid the situation

Other offenses related to this field include:

  • Distress

  • Entrapment

  • Unintentional attack

  • Lack of offense

  • Lack of injury suffered

  • Involuntary intoxication

  • Insanity

No matter where your case falls, our team works to protect your rights. We will listen to your full story and from there work to reduce dismiss or completely drop your charges. 

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